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Most Important Thing to Eat

J.T. asks from Phoenix

I am just curious because when I went to my pregnancy classes they stressed eat tons & tons of protein. However I wanted to know others opinions on the most important...



D.A. asks from Des Moines

My husband and I just found out we are expecting again. A little unexpected but welcomed. Anyway, during my first pregnancy I found a website that sent you e-mails ...


When to Tranistion to Toddler Bed; When to Potty Train?

A.M. asks from Denver

We have one four month-old child, are planning to start again by the end of the year, so I have a few questions about development timelines. How long do babes stay in...


My 6 Mnth Old Daughter Will Only Accept Stage 1 Nipples

D.G. asks from New York

My daughter (6 months) has never had a problem with breast feeding or bottles but I have been trying to move her to the next stage of nipples (medium flow) as she is ...


Slow Meeting Gross Motor Milestones

A.K. asks from Chicago

Hello. I am new to this site and have a question about my nine month old son. He just turned nine months but has of yet to crawl, move from sitting to other positio...


Question Regarding My 10 Month Old.

S.O. asks from Austin

My 10 month old daughter as been making sounds (mama, dada, baba, etc) but in the last couple of weeks she has stopped and just grunts at everything. In the morning ...


Unusual Speech

V.J. asks from Phoenix

My niece is turning 3 yrs old in a month and several family members, myself included, are concerned about her speech development. She was late to start speaking to be...


21-Month-old Tiptoes

S.S. asks from Rochester

This might sound odd, but my son is 21-months-old and he has recently started tiptoeing. It throws off his balance and he falls over a lot trying it but it doesn't d...


Language Understanding in 2 Year Old

R.F. asks from New York

Actually, 2 1/2 year old. I curious about what the level of understanding should be at this age. On the ages & stages questionnaire I took he did everything that was ...


" The Talk" with a Ten Year Old.

K.M. asks from Washington DC

Hello. My daughter is 10 yrs and is developing. I know I need to talk to her about sex etc but I don't know what to say or how to say it. I'm inquiring about people w...

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