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Losing a Parent to Cancer.

He had been diagnosed with prostate cancer in October and it was already in his spine...stage 4. He lasted a little over a month. It tore me up so badly. ...

Scared 29Yr Old Mom of 5.. Cervical Cancer

I had my 3 children quite young and my husband and I did not want any more, so when my pap smear came back positive for early stage cancer.....we opted for ...


She was diagnosed with a Stage III Astrocytoma *brain cancer* in August of 06 .. . by Feb of 07 she was diagnosed *CANCER FREE* NOT remission but cancer free ...

Breast Cancer

Ask them lots of questions like What stage of cancer is it? Do you need a mastectomy or will radiation and or chemo? Can you take vitamins to help keep your ...

Dealing with Melanoma and My 20yr.old Daughter

Do you know what stage the cancer is with your daughter? The best thing she can do is stay busy. All the stuff I had to do for the cancer, which entailed ...

Cervival Cancer

My mother had cervical cancer in a later stage. But they removed the cancerous cells and she's never had any problems. I had some precancerous cells and the ...

Uterine Fibroid Embolization

She was just diagnosed with stage 4 cancer which has spread to her spine. Her new doctor requested a sample of the tissue taken from the original fibroid ...

Cousin Just Learned She Has Breast Cancer

One of my cousins (same age as me) whom I've always been very close to, just found out she has advanced stage of breast cancer. She has known about the lump ...

Step Mom with Questions

What type of cancer, what stage? Just because she has cancer does not mean she is going to die. Wait to get more details before jumping to that conclusion. ...

How to Tell a 5 Year Old That Dad Has Cancer

There was just something on Oprah a day or 2 ago about a young woman diagnosed w / stage 4 cancer and she started eating extremely healthy and whole foods. ...
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