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How Can I Get My 24 Month Old to STOP Toe Walking?

The kids have to hit the shoes with their heals to make them squeak and they love to hear the noise. This has helped and it is an inexpensive way to start ...

What to Do About This Debt

We squeak from paycheck to paycheck, car repairs rip us to shreds as well. We started making an effort to save just a little each pay day. ...


... if i heard the smallest squeak i would lose my train fo thought and my mindwould wander.. it was crazy. but im still on medication(obviouslymy choice ...

How to Introduce New Baby into Home with Two Beagles?

... and other things..get out baby toys that rattle and squeak..you just familiarize them with the sounds and they won't be so traumatized by a baby crying. ...

Best Breast Pumps

However, I haven't heard anything bad about these either (except that the handle can squeak a little). This pump is supposed to be just as good, ...

Potty Chair

He does just fine, and he's kind of a pip-squeak (7th percent for weight and 15 for height). I used a potty chair for my first son on occasion, ...

What causes an infant to cry while eating?

Does he "squeak" when he swallows? Does he arch his back? See http://www. pollywogbaby.com/refluxandcolic/reflux.html for more info on this. ...

Lowering Crib Mattress

Ours made a little squeak when you lowered the side so I wouldn't drop the side if I was putting a sleeping baby in. Remember babies all develop differently ...

Recently engaged..seeking Wedding Books/magazines/websites

Friend still talk about it till this day, and we see our wedding favors (Frog squeak toys - e-mail me and I'll tell you the story) sitting out as ...

Relationship Advice

It's hard to be really quiet when beds squeak and all that. I would be livid if my husband was talking to women at work about his sex life and listening ...
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