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Stain Remover

as mom to a 3 year old boy, i know stains! :) i've had good luck with both the dreft stain spray (i think you can get it at target now, but i always found ...

Stain on Glider/ottoman

damp cloth in 3 answers it on the stain and let it sit for for about 1 .... spray stain · stain out · how to get out permanent marker · dry cleaning carpet ...

How Do I Get Red Kool-Aid Stains Out of Carpet?

It may not work on a stain that old but what I use for everything is Windex .... Help with Getting Stains Out of Carpet ... cleaning stains · spray stain ...

Help with Stains on Kids Clothes

I can not get the watermelon stains out of my kids clothes. I use shout advanced spray gell. Even if i spray it on as soon as the clothes come off the stain ...

Help with OJ Stains

I am having no luck at getting the stains out of her clothes. I have tried Spray n wash, soaking in Biz and soaking in Oxyclean. ...

Seeking a Stain Remover

I LOVE the OxyClean spray in the bottle. It works great on all of Marissa's clothes and very rarely has it not gotten out a stain. Helpful? ...

Stain Removal?

Oct 17, 2009 ... It says it's formulated for set-in-stains! I usually spray and let dry sometimes a day or so before washing...It's gotten grease stains from cooking out of ...

Getting a Stain Out

works wonders in 3 answers "i know it works wonders on fresh, new stains, but am not sure about set in ones." spray n wash with oxi clean in 2 answers ...

Help Getting Stains Out.

Oct 6, 2009 ... M.A. answers from Los Angeles on October 5, 2009. I always make a paste using Oxyclean and Spray and Wash. Keep it on the stain for a while. ...

Stain Relief

I always used Spray & Wash...worked okay. With a newborn I had worse stains. I was visiting my MIL and she uses OxyClean stain spray. It even got out stains ...
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  • spray n wash with oxi clean in 2 answers "Spray N Wash with Oxi Clean, the one with two sides of the bottle and then you spray ..."
  • sun works wonders in 2 answers "let it dry there. the sun works wonders on so many stains, and yet we buy all the ..."
  • oxy clean for babies in 2 answers "I really like Dreft spray on stain remover and also Oxy Clean for babies- it a stain ..."
  • then toss it in the wash in 2 answers "... go through, pour hydrogen peroxide directly on it and then toss it in the wash."
  • oxyclean spray in 3 answers "i found that Oxyclean spray works excellent, my husband swears by it."