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Permanent Marker and Skin Clean-up...

Try Avon Skin so Soft. It works really well on cleaning up the skin. ... Some hard spots needed alittle something stronger. A spot remover from the hardware ...

How Long Do Hives Last?

Read all 11 responses: "My 10 month old daughter had some red spots on her on ... They were the result of really dry skin (they did not seem to itch him) we ...

Darkening of Upper Lip Skin

It's very popular in Japan because they pride themselves on pure skin. I have seen it help women with sun damage and dark spots that you often see on older ...

What Should a "Healing" Plantars Wart Look Like?

We use it twice a day and the skin around the wart has been white and irritated ... like coming to the surface are some small blood blisters or dark spots. ...

How to go tanning with shingles?

They can collect in the sores, causing a darkening of the skin in that spot, and can result in a permanent scar. I know. With three cats at home, ...

Does My Dog Have Allergies?

I would act fast as heat is on the way and "hot spots" are coming into season. they are the word for secondary bacterial infection from skin problems. look ...

Dog's Fur Re-Growth Issue

Could be a skin infection, endocrine problem (low thyroid or Cushings disease) ... Mixit half and half and sponge it on the spots. do not rinse it off for a ...

Staph Infection

We got rid of the spots and I thought we were done until the spot on her inner ... told was NOT to treat skin infections with internal antibiotics unless ...

How Do You Cure a Boy Yeast Infection?

It is still red in spots, and his skin is all scaley and dry now. So, I was wondering if there is anything else I can do to help him that you ladies have ...

Looking for Advice!

Oct 21, 2009 ... My 16 month old has a fever and small red spots on her body except her ... If you get her temp down and cool her skin it should go away. ...
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