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Does Anyone Else Have a Child with Apraxia of Speech?

Anyways...we go to Beaumont Pediatric Speech and they are so wonderful! My son has seen the same speech pathologist this entire time and has really shown ...

Speech Therapy for 15 Month Old?!?

Read all 42 responses: "My son had his 15-month checkup today and the pediatrician recommended he go to speech therapy because he is not saying words yet.

4 Yr Old with Speech Problems.

I have a degeee in Speech Language Pathology. My advice to you is to take your child to a speech pathologist for testing. By getting your child tested it ...

Speech Therapy for Toddlers

Read all 39 responses: "Hi Everyone, I took my 18 month old for his check up yesterday and they want him to see a therapist for speech.He has had problems ...

Speech Processing

I am a speech pathologist, but unfortunately work with the geriatric population, not children. But, it does not seem as if your grandson's difficulty and ...

Expressive Speech Delay

I just graduated with my MS in Speech Language Pathology, so hopefully I can help a little. Just a disclaimer - I can't diagnose w/out seeing your son, ...

Speech Apraxia

I am 100% certain that unless a speech pathologist has training with apraxia, they will be of NO USE to a child diagnosed with this disorder (no offense to ...

2-Yr Old Stuttering with Small Parts of Words - Fast Onset

I spoke to a friend of mine who is a speech pathologist and she told me it is ... When I was young I went to a speech pathologist and when I did I stopped ...

15 Month Old Speech

Do not wait and see. Have him evaluated. Take him to a speech pathologist. A. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Speech Therapist in Spring

Being tested at the public school, they also offered the Speech Classes that she could attend. I have a few friends and speech pathologist for a school ...
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