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Brother & SIL Never Remember My Kids on Special Occasions

S.W. asks from Green Bay

My only sibling (brother) and his wife never remember my children on special occasions. It's mostly Christmas and birthdays that bother me. I have two children, as ...


Nick 9/11 Special

E.B. asks from Seattle

I just saw an ad for a 9/11 kid special nick is going to be running....I didnt hear the date and time...But it is geared to help younger kids kind of understand 9/11....


Finding a Special Baptism/christening Gown

K.G. asks from Dallas

hi, my older daughter (13 year old now) wore a gown that my mother in law made many years ago for her own daughter. recently that daughter's daughter wore the gown....


Seeking Chef to Cooking in My Home for a Mother's Day Event

A.W. asks from Chicago

Hi, I'm looking for a male chef to cook and cater to my guests in my home in Matteson. I'm planning to do a Spa Party in my home for Mother's Day and would like t...


Letting Baby Stay Up/bringing Baby to a Sporting Event

L.W. asks from Cincinnati

Hi Ladies, I am sure I will get wonderful answers like always. Here is my story. I have a 16 month old girl. She has slept 11-12 hours since she was 5 months old (t...


IEP For Special Education

C.M. asks from San Antonio

My son has been diagnosed with AS & will be entering kinder this fall. A school psychologist in Northside has been administering tests these past few weeks. I w...


Do People Not PLAN Special Occasions in Advance?

J.J. asks from Los Angeles

I cant figure out why there are so many moms, complaining about tomorrow and feeling let down, or worried they will be. Its the DAY before. A little planning goes a l...


Craft Ideas for Special Needs Children All Ages

R.M. asks from Sacramento

Any ideas for craft and activities to do as in a 2 hour day camp ? All ages


Making a Shower Special, W/ Very Little Attendees

D.E. asks from Cincinnati

My family and I were relocated here last year from 3+ hours away. I have been fortunate enough to make a GREAT friend here who is also a transplant. She is pregnan...


Seeking Advice - Special 2 Cousin Birthday

C.B. asks from Los Angeles

A little background... My husband and I only have our soon-to-be 5 yr old son and we always celebrate his birthday with a party at the park (exception 1 yr) and invit...

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  • positive role model in 2 answers "... despite their terrible parents are because they have another positive role model ..."
  • include your niece in 4 answers "I think it's very sweet and thoughtful to include your niece, and a wonderful way ..."
  • just follow your heart in 2 answers "... children how to give and not expect something in return. Just follow your heart ..."
  • your nieces and nephews in 2 answers "I know it's not fair to your nieces and nephews but hey it's not fair to your kids ..."