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Milk, Soy, and Wheat Allergy

A.A. asks from Provo

My 18 month old daughter has allergies to Milk, soy and wheat. Anyone know of some good recipes and suggestions on how to adjust as a family. We have 5 kids 8 and und...


Goat Milk or Soy Milk or Rice Milk???

L.S. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter has suffered from GERD most of her little life. With medication and time we were finally able to contain the symptoms and ease her pain. As a result she c...


Milk Alternative That Isn't Soy...

C.W. asks from Austin

a couple days ago i posted a question about my baby's eating habit/gas issues, and the most common response was to eliminate dairy... i drink a lot of milk, and i REA...


Soy Formula

A.M. asks from New York

Baby is Lactose Intolerant, changed her to Soy formula, but now seems constipated. Any suggestions? Any formulas out there lactose free, but not soy?


Milk & Soy Protein Intolerance

M.K. asks from Columbia

A little background: My 2 month old has been through the gauntlet already. My milk struggled to keep with her at first, so she has been on a combination of breastmi...


Soy Formula

K.C. asks from Chicago

Is soy formula not good for infants? I have read a couple articles on it and I'm a little confused? Is there another formula that is not milk based that is affordable?


Soy Formula

N.L. asks from Dallas

I would like and appreciate any help whether negative or positive on the subject of soy formula vs. regular formula. I am breast feeding but supplementing w/ soy aft...


Cow's Milk vs Soy Milk

S. asks from Chicago

I have a ten month old daughter and am currently trying to decide whether to give her cow's milk or soy milk when she turns one. I would appreciate any input or infor...


Soy and Gas

M.S. asks from New York

my daughter is 2.5 and allergic to milk. she drinks soy and has awful gas. i am thinking of starting her in some kind of school soon. i am nervous about her gas du...


Soy Allergy

T.S. asks from Phoenix

Hello Mamas! My 19 month old son was just diagnosed with an allergy to soy. I am feeling a little overwhelmed. The majority of the food I purchase has some kind of...

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