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Brand of Soy Milk

K.L. asks from Cleveland

Does anyone have a particular brand of soy milk they recommend? My doctor recommended giving my 13 month old daughter soy milk instead of regular milk. I've been ge...


10Mo Allergic to Milk - Soy??

D.P. asks from Boston

I just foundout my 10 mo. old is allergic to milk. The pediatrician recommended switching to soy. I switched to soy milk, but he loves yogurt, pudding, and cheese! Wh...


Is Organic Soy Milk Ok??????

D.M. asks from Santa Barbara

Hello to all the mom's out there! I had a question and was hoping that some of you could answer it. I have a 2 and 1/2 year old son and he is allgeric to milk. We hav...


Conventional Soy or Cow's Milk?

S.L. asks from Philadelphia

This morning on my way to work I stopped by our local grocer to get a small container of milk to put in my coffee each morning at work. I usually get organic half an...


Too Much Soy Milk Info Out There!!!

M.B. asks from Cincinnati

Can anyone help me sort through all of the soy milk issues. I'm worried about giving my daughter soy milk because of the estrogen levels that are reportedly present. ...


Silk Soy Milk

C.C. asks from Dallas

Has anyone heard anything BAD about giving a toddler Silk soy milk? I've been giving my 13 month old Silk since he's allergic to cow's milk. He seems fine on it, but...


Drinking Soy Milk While Pregnant.

T.M. asks from Las Vegas

I switched from drinking milk to drinking soy milk because I was able to digest it better during my morning sickness months. Now I'm reading that soy has negative ef...


Need Help on Soy Milk

J.P. asks from Joplin

My 18 month old daughter doesn't tolerate milk so I put her on Silk Soy milk. Shortly after putting her on it she got a yeast rash in the diaper area. Have you ever...


Milk Versus Soy Formula

N.S. asks from Tucson

Hi moms! Our baby is currently on soy formula. When his sister was 18 months, we found out that she was allergic to the milk protein, and probably had been since sh...


Soy Milk 411

K.P. asks from Columbus

My son got a bad rash while drinking cow's milk, just before his first birthday. the doc suggested i try soy milk, but i've heard some negative info about soy milk......

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