soy milk for toddlers

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1 Year Old with Soy and Dairy Allergy

E.W. asks from San Francisco

My baby finally turned one and now I don't know what to feed him anymore. He's been on Nutramigen for the last 4 months since I weaned him due to dairy and soy allerg...



L.R. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter is almost 22 months old. She is pretty small for her age (20 pounds) but very active and eats very well. We have been having some issues with constipati...


Milk Allergy

C.S. asks from Philadelphia

I have had to switch my son to Soy Formula when he was first born. Now that he is almost 1 year old I want to switch him to milk. The problem is when I give him who...


Enfagrow Soy NEXT STEP ~ Toddler

M.Q. asks from Detroit

Hey Moms ~ Does anyone currently have their LO on the Enfagrow Next Step for toddlers? My 16 month old DS is only 20 lbs; has not put on any weight since his 6 mont...


Goat's Milk

R.F. asks from Dallas

This kind of goes with the previous post about 'sudden' milk allergies. My 17 mo was throwing up and had diarrhea, so I put her on the BRAT diet. When I introduced ...


Is There a Good Juice for Toddlers?

C.C. asks from Dallas

My almost 3 year old has recently decided he LOVES apple juice. I haven't really given him much juice because I've always heard of the high sugar content. He has alwa...


Goat Milk

M.P. asks from Orlando

My daughter is coming up on turning 1 and I know that they can switch to regular milk. I was told that goat milk was very good for toddlers, was gentler on the stoma...


Introducing Milk

H.P. asks from Fayetteville

I am not sure what the procedure is on introducing milk. The nutritionist my daughter saw wasn't specific and didn't tell me any signs of her not being able to handle...


Whole Milk

A.M. asks from Portland

I am trying to get my son to drink whole milk or goat milk and I even tried soy because he just turned 1 and I want to stop breastfeeding I feel like I can't do that ...


Milk Intolerance?

J.M. asks from Scranton

when my son andrew turned 1 i tried putting him on whole milk, he vomited everytime i gave it to him, i would give him a break for a week and try again w the same res...

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  • goats milk is higher in fat in 2 answers "Goat's milk is higher in fat than cow's milk, which is a GOOD thing for a one year ..."
  • 100 percent cows milk in 2 answers "You can reduce the amount of breast milk gradually until he's on 100% cow's milk."
  • still drinks soy milk in 2 answers "My son is now 8 next month and still drinks soy milk."
  • 100 percent juice in 6 answers "fruitables". some of them are 100% juice, while the one I'm holding is 66% juice."
  • easier to digest dairy in 2 answers "Introducing easier to digest dairy can help her system learn to break it down without ..."