soy formula and breastfeeding

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Spitting up and Soy?

S.S. asks from Davenport

My son is seven weeks now and he is on nestle good start soy formula and medicine for acid reflex.He spits up alot. We use browns bottles already and they really help...


Switch to Soy...

J.M. asks from Dallas

My daughter has been a gassy girl with reflux since day one. I was told by our doctor that this should come to an end around 3 months. I know that no baby follows a s...


Soy Milk

A.C. asks from Las Cruces

hello everyone! my 2 month old baby was switched to soy milk a couple of weeks ago because he was allergic to milk. my question is that he has been on it for about t...


Soy Milk

R.B. asks from Los Angeles

a little background.... i breastfed my now 2 year old up until recently.i had to give it up due to my health or i might not have quite yet.she has never had a bott...


Soy vs Lactose Free Formula?

C. asks from Minneapolis

My 2 month old daughter has had severe rash problems on her bottom since she was born as a result her stool. (It essentially burns her skin...) She has had a yeast i...


Should I Switch My Baby from Milk-based Formula to Soy Formula????

E.L. asks from Jacksonville

Hi Mama's- I am going to talk with my baby's pediatrician at her next check up but I wanted the opinion of other mamma's first. I would like to hear from all moms but...


Soy Formula Connected to Peanut Allergy?

M.C. asks from Chicago

I am starting to switch my six week old son to formula and the lactose based ones do not seem to agree with him. I recently heard that soy formulas have been connect...


Switching from Milk Based Formula to Soy

K.R. asks from Washington DC

I posted earlier about feeling guilty about not being able to breastfeed my son due to some issues, so we started formula feeding. I still nurse him a few times durin...


Breastfeeding and Formula

L.M. asks from Fayetteville

Hello, I have a 3 month old daughter who has been exclusively breastfeed from day one. I am returning to work part time in 2 weeks and will be working 20 hours a week...


Worried About Changing Daughter to Soy Formula..

H.N. asks from Tampa

I have a 4 month old (I just recently stopped nursing) she was on Similac Sensitive (the regular kind she would not keep down) seemed to work fine instead when she wo...

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  • drank soy milk in 2 answers "... my fault, no support ) and also both my oldest and middle child drank soy milk ..."
  • cause a peanut allergy in 2 answers "This does not mean that using a soy formula will cause a peanut allergy however."
  • why do you want to switch in 2 answers "My question for you is why do you want to switch to soy if theres no milk senstivity ..."
  • cows milk and soy in 2 answers "plus, my girlfriend's son is allergic to cows milk and soy like her he drinks rice ..."
  • milk based formula in 4 answers "If she does well with milk based formula, I would just keep her on it."