soy formula and breastfeeding

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Non-dairy, Non-soy Food for an Infant Whose Mom Won't Breastfeed?

I breastfed all of mine and haven't been infant-involved for so long now that I need some serious ..... Next question: Looking for Soy Formula Alternative ...

Help - Started Feeding Baby Formula and He Has Constipation

My daughter had/has the same problem. she was breastfed until 4 months then we introduced soy formula. same constipation issues. if you use the prune juice ...

Has anyone had any experience with neocate formula?

I stopped eating dairy (breast feeding) and we started giving him soy formula as a suppliment. He has been perfectly fine on just switching to soy. ...

Anyone Who Has Used or Is Using Enfamil Next Step Formula??? What Do You Think?

I gave my daughter soy formula until 9 months. I found out she was alergic to milk accidentally, after I stopped breastfeeding at 7 months, and bought some ...

Milk Interlorance???

Her Dr. is the one that put her on Soy Formula after I quit breastfeeding her when she was 3 months old. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This ...

Formula Feedings

Before you go to soy formula try the gentleease lipil from Enfamil. ... My youngest is breastfed. My boys loved the soy and I loved it to. ...

Breastfeeding, Formula and Travel

My son was breastfed and I supplemented with Target's store brand of "regular" formula. (I forget what exactly they labeled it, but it was *not* the soy ...

Should I Switch My Baby from Milk-based Formula to Soy Formula????

My 27 month old was on Soy formula because he had egzima (I don't know how to .... her daughters Rice Dream after she was done breastfeeding them. she is a ...

Wondering About Formula...

i did not breastfeed and my sons did have the gassy and fussy issues also. I was switched from the Similac formulas to the Isomil soy formula and also used ...

Gas/Acid Reflux/Stomach Problems

First of all, we fed exclusively with formula. (no breast feeding) Secondly, we tried several different types of formula... soy based, lactose free, etc. ...
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  • isomil advance soy in 2 answers "... my doctor said she was allergic to the milk so we switched to isomil advance soy ..."
  • milk based formula in 5 answers "... with fomula feeding, then you might try Carnation Good Start milk-based formula ..."
  • why do you want to switch in 2 answers "My question for you is why do you want to switch to soy if theres no milk senstivity ..."
  • milk based formula in 4 answers "If she does well with milk based formula, I would just keep her on it."
  • goats milk formula in 2 answers "... gave me this link and at the end there is a recipe for the goat's milk formula ..."