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Use social stories to help teach him how to interact with the world around him ( a good video social story you can get from Model Me Kids website). ...

Child with Impulsive Aggression

We have a book called "social stories". We liked it so much at school that we implemanted it here at home as well. Anytime there is a unappropriate behavior ...

6- Year Old Former Preemie

Sometimes we don't take him where we know he won't do well, and we have found social stories work wonders at school. Take care, ...

Mom's Club or Playgroup near St. Paul

I am also looking for advice or stories from other moms who are ... What do you do to stay entertained and social? .... social stories · st paul schools ...


Another help to is something they call social stories that help kids learn about good and bad social behaviour you can find them online or you could even ...

HELP!!!!! My 4 Year Old Has a Severe Bug Fobia

There are such things as social stories that have helped kids in the past get through a phase like this. The internet will help out there, but you can write ...


We offer Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies, Language Arts, Arts and Crafts, Play time, Computer lab ... Oh my God- your story sounds like mine did. ...

Seeking Moms Who Have Adopted Infants

That being said, I have heard some horror stories about both domestic and .... As far as advice, just be yourself and let the social worker know what you ...

Social Skills for My 10 Yr Old

She says he lacks social skills but cannot offer any advice or you see .... Roast was ruined. 6 hours ago. Your Worst Holiday Horror Story ...

Mom Needs Help with Potty Training!! HELP!!!

I used social stories with pictures and took her on a timed schedule as they did at school. I have to say the school was fantastic at helping her along. ...
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