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2 Year Son Shy Around others..should I Worry?

Oct 21, 2009 ... My husband and I are naturally reserved people - I in particular have struggled with shyness and social anxiety and I have gotten past most ...

11 Month Old Constant Crying!!!

When he turned 8 months old, he started having seperation anxiety and it's lasted ... My kids are very social now, and do not have a problem leaving me! ...

Seeking Info

If she communicates appropriately at home, you may want to have her see a psychologist or social worker to help reduce her anxiety. Also, if preschool is ...

Anyone with Depression and Anxiety?

Hello, I have to deal with depression and anxiety also. It seems that sometimes when something stressful happens ..... social anxiety · the great depression ...

Help with My Daughter's Anxiety...

Obviously she is struggling with anxiety issues and helping to get to the ... You are lucky if she is still very social. Do you think she is telling you the ...

Shy 6 Year Old Having Trouble at Summer Camp

Your child seems to be showing signs of beginning stages of social anxiety. write to Dr. Katharine Leslie, CFLE at See what she recommends. ...

2 Year Old Very Withdrawn with Other Kids

On the other hand, severe social anxiety can sometimes be the sign of a larger problem. I would talk to her pediatrician about her behavior and see if ...

My 7-Year Old Son Too Shy to Ask Questions and Join Group Activities in School

Oct 28, 2009 ... I thought her social anxiety was never going to get better. I really thought she would become a "shut in" until last week. ...

12 Year Old Boy with No Friends

That is a hallmark of SM, which is under the umbrella of Social Anxiety/Social Phobia. Please go to and see what you think. ...

How to Build Social Skills in My ADHD Son

I have tried to teach him basic social skills but I can't be with him all the .... You may also want to have his doctor do a simple anxiety checklist at his ...
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