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Soap Free Soap?

E.F. asks from Casper

I am stumped, I keep hearing that for sensitive skin, use soap free soap. Huh? How can soap be soap free? Does anyone know what soaps are soap free? what exactly is...


Soap down the Drain

T.T. asks from Chicago

My 18 month old daughter dropped a bar of decorative soap ,tightly wrapped in plastic, in the toilet. I didn't actual see her do it. After a few seconds of silence( t...


Homemade Laundry Soap....

M.G. asks from Los Angeles

Hi Frugal Mommies!! We all know that one of the most expensive cleaning items in our household is laundry soap.... Well, my SIL is trying to make her own. She i...


Seeking Solution to Shower Soap Scum and Mold

T.M. asks from Phoenix

I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions to cleaning a prefabricated stand up shower. The floor of the shower has soap scum build up that I have tried removing ...


Hard Water or Soap Scum on Shower Doors ..... Help !!!

S.S. asks from Kansas City

I am not sure it I have Soap Scum or Hard water stains on my shower doors, but it is absolutely nasty. I have tried every product out there and have had no luck what...


Cheapskate or "Normal" Mom Fed up with School Supply Lists?

M.O. asks from Chicago

I'm on a rant right now so forgive me, but Ticondaroga pencils, presharpened? I'm aggravated with our school district/principal/teachers for creating such expensiv...


Low Breast Milk Supply

E.M. asks from Norfolk

Hi all: Any advice on how to increase breast milk production? I work full time and have to use a pump. My son does not latch on well and breastfeeding has been too...



P.L. asks from Chicago

Any soapmakers are on here??? I'm already making melt and pour soap and have 2 very good suppliers, I want to start making cold processed soap and looking for a clos...


Increasing Breast Milk and Exercise.

D.G. asks from Flagstaff

What is the best way to increase breast milk, by pumping more often? I feel like my supply has stabilized however I want to build up a supply for when I am not with ...


Infant Acne

C.G. asks from Milwaukee

My 2 week old has developed infant acne pretty bad. I have heard mixed things about what to do. Is it best to leave it a lone completly or to wash it daily with just ...

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