smoking while pregnant

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Drinking Beer While Nursing??

He told me while pregnant to drink a beer a day and I would never have .... B., my word, while nursing, to smoking and drinking ANY even tiniest amount ...

3 Week Old Sleeping Question Again

Do I let her cry for a little while..." ... I don't know much about smoking, but does nictotine give you headaches? .... Smoking While Pregnant ...

Cigarette Burns

I just made my 8 year non-smoking anniversary~! Best of luck. ... Next question: Help with Quitting Smoking ... Smoking While Pregnant ...

My Oldest Son Broke a Serious Rule - Are Consequences Too Strict?

I would for sure not allow any smoking while at home, but leave it at that. Good luck!! 1 mom found this helpful ..... Quiting Smoking While Pregnant ...

Is It Safe for My 19 Year Old to Work Out 4 Hours a Day?

I liked Lynne's comment about the smoking being the unhealthiest things he is doing. .... Next question: Strength Training While Pregnant ...

4 Weeks Pregnant and Loves Wine

Read all 9 responses: "I am newly pregnant and have concerns about my wine ... do to your baby than having one or two glasses of wine, like smoking ciggies and doing drugs. ... Next question: Drinking While Pregnant -- Truths Wanted ...

A Glass of Wine or Not?

while pregnant w/o a care & most of us were born w/o any problems. ... in excess , alcohol is not a good thing for a pregnant woman & smoking is even wrose. ...

Percocet and Pregnancy

A., I had to take darvocet while I was pregnant with my daughter and son for my ... I never took any while pregnant, but I did take the percorcet after my ...

Coffee During Pregnancy?

I myself drank about 2 regular mug-fulls per day while pregnant and while ... I drank one cup of coffee a day while pregnant, however now that I am nursing, ...

Pregnant??!!! What Do You Gurls Think...

Jan 21, 2010 ... If you are pregnant, you don't want to take any chances. Maybe this would be a good time/perfect opportunity to quit smoking altogether ...
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  • drink non alcoholic beer in 2 answers "You can drink non alcoholic beer."
  • beer or glass of wine in 3 answers "Personally, I had a single beer or glass of wine about 3x a week until my baby was ..."
  • la leche league in 2 answers "Here's from the Breastfeeding Answer Book, which is La Leche League International's ..."
  • glass of red wine in 2 answers "He said a glass of red wine even once or twice a week would not hurt."
  • more than two drinks in 2 answers "The gneral alcohol rule is: No more than two drinks per day, but you cannot save them ..."