smoking cessation

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Do Crest Whitening Strips Really Work...

A.C. asks from Erie

Hi Ladies, I have a silly question to ask all of you. I know it's bad, and I should quit... I smoke. I have been smoking for years. I'm 27 with yellow teeth. I know ...


Seeking Advice on Quitting

T.C. asks from San Francisco

Hello, I have finaly come to the realization that I need to quit smoking. The health risks are just too much, not to mention the recently sky rocketing cost of cigar...


Being Supportive

M.D. asks from Dallas

Good Day Ladies, My husband has quit smoking for 11 days, I'm so proud of him!!! I know it's hard for him, he's been doing it for 20 years... Please give many any a...


Trouble Quitting the Cigs........ Someone Please Give Me Some Advice

C.D. asks from Charlotte

I started smoking after I had my daughter in March, behind my husbands back. Mostly because it is helping to reduce my stress and we are having marital problems. I di...


How to Talk to My Daughter and Son in Law

K.W. asks from St. Joseph

I have 3 grandchildren and both their parents smoke my youngest grandchild months has been having lots of trouble breathing around them. Now the parents have been on ...


Trying to Conceive (New to This Site) :)

L.R. asks from New York

Hi ladies! I'm a mommy to a 3 yr old and were ttc for one month now. I get my period seriously about 3-4 times a yr :(. Last night around 3 am I woke up to ovarian cy...


I Can't Believe I'm Doing This... Questions for Everyone!

R.D. asks from Richmond

I just scheduled my pre-op appointment for my tummy tuck :) I'm nervous and anxious and excited and scared... this is a big deal! It took me a long time to just...


How to Calm the Subject

K.R. asks from Syracuse

My husband and I argue about his smoking. Yes he does it outside but reaks of it when he comes in. We have kids but 1 of them had asthma and now that she is off her m...


Something for the Best Hubby Ever!!

C.C. asks from Little Rock

Hi ladies I want to get some suggestions from the women of the world. I have one of the best hubbyies in the world. To kind of let you in on what I mean I will tel...


Wellbutrin XL Side Effects ???

S.S. asks from Chicago

Hey Mama's I was wondering about anyone out there who has been on wellbutrin xl 300mg and has had any funky side effects?? I had started taking this about 6 month...

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  • crest white strips in 3 answers "I loved the crest white strips and yes they do work."
  • second hand smoke in 4 answers "I know second hand smoke was still a factor but I felt I was doing what I could."
  • your husband started smoking in 2 answers "Unless your husband started smoking after you were married or you had a prior agreement ..."
  • first congrats on making in 2 answers "First congrats on making thes hard but very healthy decision!"
  • smoking cessation in 3 answers "... concerns with your doctor, and also talk to him or her about a smoking cessation ..."