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Husband on Chantix Smoking Cessation Medicine

M.B. asks from Washington DC

My husband has been on this medicine for about a month. Is anyone in the same boat as me as to where my husband is EXTREMELY moody. I dont know if its from the lack o...


Stop Smoking

C.M. asks from Denver

My sister has been smoking since she was a teenager and has tried many times to stop smoking with out success. She has tried the "patch" and said that did nothing for...


Quitting Smoking

M.A. asks from Jackson

I have read a few months ago about a quitting smoking pill that cost about 120.00 a month that was available by prescription. I was trying to find out what this medi...


Husband Smoking

C.H. asks from Portland

My husband has always been a cigarette smoker for as long as I've known him and I've always wanted him to quit. I can hear the accusations now, "you shouldn't marry ...


Smoking When Pregnant

N.S. asks from Chicago

In this day an age it's impossible to NOT KNOW the dangers of smoking when pregnant. One of my co-workers is smoking while she's pregnant. This has upset a lot of ...


Smoking with an Infant!

K.R. asks from Sherman

My husband has has been trying to quit smoking for over a year now. He was doing well with it, and even went days at a time with out smoking. but he has a Very high s...


Free/Low Cost Smoking Cessation Programs, Any Out There?

M.T. asks from Kansas City

Long story, but my mom just ended up in the ER this morning with a severe asthma/breathing issue. She has had asthma for as long as I cn remember, then picked up smo...


Advice for Someone Who Is Ready to Quit Smoking!

R.G. asks from Dallas

After smoking a pack a day for more than 20 years my husband has FINALLY decided he wants to quit smoking!!! I want to help him make a real effort this time, and I w...


Need Help to Quit Smoking

K.S. asks from Nashville

I desperatly want to quit smoking. My husband and I both decided to quit together. The nicotine gum works great for him but I hate it. It makes my mouth burn. I am lo...


12-Year-old Son Caught Smoking

D.L. asks from Chicago

I recently found out that both my 12-year-old son and my niece (she is also 12) have been smoking with some of the other kids in my niece's neiborhood. This apparent...

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  • most insurances dont cover in 2 answers "it's called chantix very effective most insurances don't cover the cost but you don't ..."
  • second hand smoke in 4 answers "... to the kids.. they aren't smoking and shouldnt be inhaling the second hand smoke."
  • quit cold turkey in 2 answers "My husband and I quit cold turkey on the same day 15 years ago, and haven't gone back ..."
  • him away from that group in 3 answers "I also agree with everyone else and get him away from that group of kids."
  • want him in the best of health in 2 answers "I know you love him and want him in the best of health, trust me, he knows this all ..."