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Back Luck in Everything I Do

Jun 24, 2009 ... I try to appreciate the small things I get - like hugs and kisses .... make some small talk and give her a gift certificate for some free ...

"Birds and Bees" Talk with 8 Yr Old Daughter?

What is the appropriate age for the "birds and bees" talk? ..... One of her most worrisome misconceptions when she was quite small was how does a woman ...

Want to Take Daughter to Childcare at Bally's While I Work Out

Start small... talk it up... she'll get to go "play with other kids". Take some favorite things (sippy cup, stuffed animal/doll/blankie, a fav. snack, ...

Mom Relationships

The holidays happened, trips, and we didn't see each in the spring except here & there around town or the little league games -- said "hello" -- smalltalk. ...

Should My New Boyfriend of 9 Months Meet My Daughter??

Like go mini golfing or some other family activity where they have something in common to do/talk about/share but aren't forced to make small talk the ...

11 Year Old Gifted Son Who Has No Motivation/ambition - Forgets Homework

I just wanted to recommend a book, "The Fine Art of Small TAlk". I checked it out at the library. I highly recommend this book for anyone that is ...

A Friend Needed near the Flint Area

If you want to talk I am here. We live in Boyne City. My husband is in Iraq so I need friends too. Take care Hang in there. don't sweat the small stuff. M. ...

A Friend Who Lies!!!

I'm not great friends with my son's classmates' parents, but we still get them together for play dates and make small talk and get along well. ...

No Longer a Friend?

You still have to make small talk for your husband. It always works out at the end. You maybe even find out she someone you really dont want to be friends ...

Ideas on Being Best Mother-In-Law

Sep 26, 2009 ... My Mom ALWAYS talks to my hubby when she calls - always has questions and small talk to make him feel like he's "one" of us! ...
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