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Slow Cooker Ideas

If you and your family like Mexican style food, I have a great slow cooker recipe. It is super simple and tastes great! I call it shredded pork burritos. ...

Stomach Bug? Food Poisoning? Something Else?

I am REALLY hoping this is true and the illnesses will slow down a bit when ... in most of the food she is eating ..she may be eating something that her ...

How Did You Get Your Infant to Open Their Mouth for Food

I gave my first so much pureed food and was slow to give her anything solid. My son had NO interest in pureed food and still doesn't like anything of that ...

7 Month Old Not Eating Baby Food.

start slow but start table food with taste.tha baby need some babyfood with more nutrients thats all life is so sweet with a new baby,we all need 3 months ...

Advice on Introducing Table Food

Our son seemed to move slow when a new "texture" of food was introduced, so I would just let your baby guide you. Doctors give advice based on the general ...

Iron Supplement?

i highly reccomend that you do eat food that is high in iron. if you find you still need ... Try slow fe first. I had to take them when I got pregnant. ...

Slow Cooking in the Oven?

Read all 12 responses: "If I have a recipe for a slow cooker but want to use a ... the time it needs for your meat to reach food safe internal temperatures, ...

Advice on Eating for a Slow Weight Gain of 6 Month Old

I'm willing to give her more food to make sure she's able to gain weight in ... My daughter was a slow eater too. She droped off the charts and we had all ...

Transition from Pureed Food to Chunkier Food

Just go slow and he will let you know what he likes...there is a great book called Super Baby Food. I checked it out from the library before I bought a copy ...

My 6 Mth Old Only Wants Her Bottle and Cries When I Try to Feed Her Food

I giver her some food on a spoon and she spits it right out. I know that is common the ... Just go slow- a few bites per feeding will be an accomplishment. ...
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  • slow cooker recipe in 2 answers "... you and your family like Mexican style food, I have a great slow cooker recipe."
  • slow cooker recipes in 2 answers "Hi K.! Here are 3 chicken slow cooker recipes."
  • take slow fe in 3 answers "I take slow-fe it has worked for me and hasn't caused any constipation."
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