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Can You Cook a Spiral Sliced Ham in the Crockpot?

Looking for a Good Slow Cooker Recipe for Shredded Pork Sandwiches ... recipe cook · pot roast recipes · the best recipe · crock pot slow cooker ...

Meals for a 17 Month Old

There are several cook books that are designed for slow cookers or you could google crockpot recipes. Crockpot recipes are usually quick to prepare, ...

I Want and Need to Learn to Cook Can You Help Me?

Oct 5, 2009 ... slow cooker in 3 answersIf you do not have a slow cooker get .... If you dont already have one invest in a slow cooker and a good slow ...

Crock Pot Help!?

Check out Then click on the link called "Food for thought" on that page there is a link to information and recipes for slow cookers. Good luck! ...

Seeking Ideas for Food for Birthday Party

Its easy, doesn't heat the kitchen up, you can prep everything the day before and heat it all up in slow cookers/crockpots! Very easy and fun. Helpful? ...

Non-dairy/non-beef Meal Ideas for Food Allergy

I am on a slow cooker kick and and have found great recipes on ... The writer used her slow cooker every day for a year last year. ...

Seeking Low Fat/Low Sodium Crock Pot Recipes

soup recipes · low fat recipes · steak recipes · recipes low fat · crock pot recipes · turkey recipes · crock pots slow cookers · slow cookers crock pots ...

Crockpot Recipes

McCormick makes a couple slow cooker packets- we use the pulled pork one- you ... Combine all ingredients in slow cooker. Cook for 4 to 6 hours on high heat ...

Son and Girlfriend Eating Me Out of House and Home

There are some small cookbooks in the grocery store exit lane that are very simple for like slow cookers or ground beef, that anyone can use if they ...


Do you have a slow cooker? I have some good recipes for low-carb ... I also agree that the slow cooker can be a lifesaver- also, I grill fish out a lot in ...
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  • onion soup mix in 3 answers "stew beef (1 inch pieces) ½-1 envelope onion soup mix 10."
  • italian beef sandwiches in 2 answers "How about italian beef sandwiches??!! You can get a big thing of papa murphy's ..."
  • your crock pot in 3 answers "You might also make sloppy joes in your crock pot."
  • them in a crock pot in 3 answers "Heated them up and left them in a crock pot."
  • rump roast in 2 answers "I just put a rump roast in the crock pot, and fill it with water about 3/4 of the ..."