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Poop Problems!

E.K. asks from Missoula

Before I call my pediatrician AGAIN I thought I would ask people who really know things: moms! Both of my kids (16-month-old daughter and almost three-year-old son) h...


Sparkly Poop?

J.M. asks from New York

I saw some poop in my sons underwear a few months ago and it seemed to be glittery like. I shrugged it off to him maybe eating some glitter in school. I recently chec...


Scared of Poop

C.M. asks from Boston

I have a kind of embarrassing question. My 18 month old son has pooped in the bathtub and has been totally freaked out by it. Is this normal?? (not pooping in the ...


Messy Poop

J.H. asks from Boston

Warning: this might be gross. My daughter is 15 months and has had very messy, diarrhea-like poop for over a week. It makes her bottom very red, and escapes her diape...


Baby Poop Question BF plus Formula

A.P. asks from Eugene

We recently started giving my 4-month old formula at night*. Before that he was exclusively BF and was pooping about once a week. Here comes TMI. It was a big poop...


Potty Training

S.W. asks from San Diego

I have a good one. My son is 3 and is good at the pee but really bad at pooping. Now last 2 days his poop is green and slimy don't if I should take him to the doctor...


Starting Cereal

S.S. asks from Atlanta

I have a 17 week old little girl that is entirely breat fed. I have started her on organic cereal approx one week ago. I have noticed her stools have gotten very sl...


Toddler Diarrhea?

C.B. asks from Kansas City

my son is 23 months old and has had VERY loose, watery stools for months now. they range from almost completely liquid, to having some slimy gross un-digested food in...


Milk Allergy/Sensitivity or an Oversupply of Breastmilk?

S.R. asks from Kansas City

**Added- As of today I started cutting out dairy and have only been nursing on one side per feeding to allow her more time to get the hindmilk. I have been gone wa...


Mucus in Infant Poo

L.O. asks from San Francisco

Our daughter is almost 4-months-old. She is EBF and poops on average, every 5-days. She has seemed comfortable until about her 3-month mark, when she started to spit ...

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