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Sleep Training Advice

I did not sleep train either of my older children (4 and almost 2) nor will I train my 5 month old. All sleep well. I always nursed and/or rocked them to ...

7 Month Old Having Sleep Issues

I don't think the Ferber method is a very kind way to sleep train, but I know it works for a lot of people. I prefer The Baby Whiperer or No-Cry Sleep ...

When to Begin Training Baby to Sleep Through the Night

I did not "sleep train them to sleep through the night". I simply guided their routine and then they began to sleep through the night on their own. ...

Advice Needed to Help 8 Month Old to Sleep Through the Night in His Own Bed!

It helps you "sleep train" your child. I tried it around 8-9 months and had GREAT success within 3 nights!!! K. Speech & Language Professional Services ...

Starting Sleep Training

Please check out Helathy Sleep Habits, Hapy Child. It is important to know how to encourage sleep at the right times, but too young to 'sleep train'. ...

Sleep Through the Night - ? When Do You Start Training for That..

3 months is a bit young to sleep train - I would wait until at LEAST 4 months and probably closer to 6. Keep in mind that just because your baby sleeps ...

Getting a Full Nights Sleep with an 11 1/2 Month Old

My only suggestion is read up on the different sleep training programs. I did not sleep train my 2 year old and he still doesn't sleep through the night ...

Need Advice on Teaching My 21 Mo. Old to Sleep on Her Own

Just curious why all of a sudden you think you need to "sleep train" her? Why is 20 months the age to do it? I believe in a gradual weaning from cuddling w/ ...

Getting a Baby to Sleep Longer Through the Night.

I sleep train her by letting her fuss a little before picking her up. Often she' ll go right back to sleep. S. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report ...

Help with My Toddlers Sleeping

If there is nothing wrong with him, then go ahead and try to sleep train, but befor you put you and him through that, make sure that there is nothing ...
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