sleep sacks for toddlers

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Clothes for Preemie Toddlers

Sleep Sacks & Swaddlers · Slippers & Booties · Special Occasion Clothes ... I didn't know adjustable waist clothes existed for toddlers until now. ...

Cold Hands and Feet

He's outgrown the sleep sacks now (he's in toddler sizes and they only go through 24 months), but now he wears his regular footie pjs and a pair of extra ...

When to Transition to Pillow & Blanket?

My understanding is that sleep sacks are a lot more common in Europe and are used for older babies/toddlers. I say use what works! Helpful? ...

When to Unswaddle?

Now he sleeps content in his sleepsacks. So my answer to you is I don't think it is to soon to .... toddler sleep sack with leg · halo blanket sleeper ...

SIDS Worry

The halo sleep sacks go from infants to toddler and in fleece for cold nights and cotton jersey-like material for not so cold nights. ...

Boys Bedding

We have the cars and trucks bedding set for toddler beds/cribs. ... or he'll use it as a floor covering but he never wanted to sleep between the sheets. ...

What to do....Nervous Mother...son Rolling over to Sleep on Belly

My son is 9months old and I have only ever used the sleep sacks, ..... Every single one of us slept on our bellies when we were infants/toddlers. ...

When Can I Use a Blanket in the Crib?

And babies and toddlers body temperature is a bit warmer than ours. ... I LOVED the Cloud B & Gerber sleep sacks and had the kids in those until they grew ...

Appropriate Sleep Wear

my daughter likes onesies and sleep sacks. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report ... What Type of Clothing Should My Toddler Sleep in at Night? ...

2 Year Old Keeps Waking

H.H. answers from Boston on January 17, 2008. I had the same problem so I bought a Big Boy sleep sack with feet. ... How to Keep Your Toddler Warm at Night ...
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