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"Daughter Keeps Rolling over in Her Sleep"

L.D. asks from Greenville

My daughter is 5 months old. She is rolling over really well. Even in her sleep. It seems that she rather sleep on her side or belly. I have always heard that the bac...


4 Month Old Cannot Sleep on Turn His Head to Sleep on Tummy

N.K. asks from Chicago

I do understand and abide by the Back to Sleep campaign. My son has only ever slept on his back but he recently began rolling to tummy quite a bit. He's desperate t...


Getting Baby to Sleep in a Crib

M.S. asks from Phoenix

I have a 7 wk old who only likes to sleep in his swing. I have 2 positioners one that is slightly elevated and one that he can lay on his side but he has never cared ...


Infant Sleep Habits

L.W. asks from Chicago

Good Morning Moms, My 3 month old daughter is unable to sleep (or sleep for longer than 10-30 minutes) unless she's swaddled up tightly in blankets. However, within...


Back Vs. Tummy Sleep

K.H. asks from Phoenix

Hi moms... I always put my babies to sleep on their backs but recently my almost 5 month old son started rolling over on to his tummy in the middle of the night and s...


Help! Baby WONT Sleep

K.G. asks from Pittsburgh

My daughter is now about 6 weeks old. Within the last week, she has stopped going back to sleep after eating at night. She will only sleep if i'm holding her. Even if...


How Long Does It Take You to Go to Sleep? / Sleep Schedules for Grownups

R.J. asks from Seattle

Its 0655 here. The sky is lit up like raspberries. This is the way I see most dawns... After being up all night. I'll catch a nap for a couple hours, and be up...


Getting My Daughter to Sleep in Her Crib

B.K. asks from Rapid City

I have a almost 4 month old daughter who has only slept in her swing since birth. I am trying to get her to sleep in her crib and it seems to be almost impossible. My...


Restless Baby Won't Sleep

B.B. asks from New York

My almost 8 1/2 mo daughter has never been a great sleeper but until recently would sleep 4-8 hours most nights in her swing. She screams in her crib, I've tried i...


How to Get My 3 Month Old to Sleep...

C.W. asks from Topeka

I have a 3 month old who is still being swaddled at night. She LOVES it! But, lately she has been waking herself up by kicking around and getting out of it. We tried ...

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