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Need Advice Om Getting My 3 Month Old to Sleep Through the Night- Unswaddled!

I might go get a sleep positioner today. When we feel it is time we are going to try the *arms free* swaddling to transition him out of it. ...

Need Advice on Getting Newborn to Sleep in Bassinet

Also, we got a sleep positioner that had soft, adjustable sides and that ..... We also had to swaddle her tightly and use a sleep positioner so that she ...

Sleep Troubles

I put him to sleep on his back in a sleep positioner and as hes falling asleephe will roll over out of the positioner and onto his tummy. ...

Back to Sleep??

I used a sleep positioner for a while when she was first born. After she learned to control herself rolling over in the positioner, I took it out and now ...

Won't Sleep in Crib

Have you tried a Tucker sling with wedge (crazy contraption but more elevation than a "sleep positioner")? Have you thought about food allergies? ...

"Back to Sleep"

I just delievered my fourth, five years since my last, and things have changed-- -the pediatrician didn't recommend sleep positioners at all and also said no ...

8-Week Old Will Not Sleep Soundly on!

At the suggestion of my pediatrician, I tried for a week straight to put her on her back and also her side (in a sleep positioner) she would sleep for about ...

How to Get a Baby to Sleep in Her Crib?

I've been swaddling her and putting her in a bassinet with a sleep positioner. When she cries before it's time to eat I rock the bassinet back and forth and ...

"Sleeping on Stomach"

You could try a sleep positioner to prevent him from rolling onto his belly but I'd imagine you wouldn't be able to use it for long. ...

Has Anyone Used the Snuggle Nest for Co-sleeping

I used a sleep positioner with my son and we put it in the middle of our king bed. It was great. I just bought a snuggle nest for number 2. ...
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