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Pillow for Toddler

My kids all got used to the standard sized pillow-they shunned the little ones and ended up sleeping "off" of them as well, so little really didn't make a ...

When to Give 12 Month Old a Pillow?

My 12-month old has been sleeping in her crib without a pillow since she was ... When Is It Ok for Baby to Sleep with Pillows, Blanket, or Stuffed Animal? ...

Hurting Hips

I still sleep with that pillow every night and I had my first daughter almost six ... Try putting a pillow between your knees when you sleep on your side. ...

Experiencing Back Pain

Majority of you suggested sleeping with a body pillow and I've been sleeping ... I also sleep with pillows around me one on my back and one on my belly. ...

4 Y/o That Won't Sleep in Her Room

So we got her a sleeping bag which she loves taking her naps in and put it on the floor of our room with a pillow. We don't mind if she sleeps on the floor ...

How Old for a Pillow?

Sep 6, 2009 ... Hi Momshow old were your children when they started sleeping with pillows And how old were they when you moved them to a Toddler bed My son ...

Pregnancy Pillow

I like sleeping on my tummy, and sleeping on my side always made my back hurt and arm go to sleep. That pillow made it much better because I could kind of ...

I Cannot Sleep Help!

Do I need an extra pillow? For some reason, I need a little "white noise" going on in the room for me to sleep better. We have a small fan and a cool mist ...

Pregnancy Pillow

I have two girls and with both of them I had to sleep with a pillow under my belly, between my knees, one under my head and one to cuddle with. ...
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