sleep apnea in children

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Child with Hypoventilation on Sleep Study- as Well as Sensory Processing Issues

Hi, my name is A. I have five children, two with asthma. .... My 6 year old has sleep apnea, mild asthma, several allergies and on medication for those. ...

3 Year Old May Have Sleep problems...need Advice

Labored breathing in children at night (or snoring) can be a sign of sleep apnea or he may have allergies, especially since being in a different country and ...

3 1/2 Year Old Difficulty Breathing While Sleeping

I don't know if this is even possible, but it sounds like sleep apnea. My husband (who is a nurse) has this, but I don't know if young children get it or ...

When Do You Make Your Children Sleep in Their Own Bed?

Me and my husband don't even sleep in the same bed anymore because there isn't enough room for all of us. How do you get your children to sleep in their own ...

6 Year Old Snoring

I would suggest you see the Ear Nose and Throat Dr's at ALL CHILDREN'S. ... sleep apnea can be fatal. have the child seen soon. it may be as easy as having ...

Anyone Else's Child Have a Severe Underbite/breathing Problems/tonsillectomy?

Now we are getting ready to send DD to the ENT for snoring and sleep apnea. Our ENT said that children should not snore. If they are then something is wrong ...

School Age Bed Wetting Diagnosis Concern

He also stated that approximately 70% of bed wetting children stop wetting .... The connection may be related to sleep apnea due to the tonsils and leading ...

5 Year Old All of a Sudden Having Nightmares?

Because your daughter is asthmatic, your doctor might want to order a sleep study...sleepwalking has been linked to sleep apnea. Children and adults with ...

Desperately Seeking Silent Nite

Luckily, I'm a pretty heavy sleeper and only wake when my children need me, ... What your describing sounds like sleep apnea which is not good for a person. ...

Need the BEST Pediatric ENT Doctor in the Dallas Area

... in Frisco...he removed my son's adenoids wehn he suffered from Sleep Apnea! ... I would recommend someone that just does children for your 7 year old. ...
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