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Dry Skin

B.F. asks from Lincoln

Both of my children, 3 and 9 months, have teribly dry skin. My youngest gets little rough patches that feel like a calus. Any suggestions on soothing dry skin? Bab...


Skin Care

V.W. asks from Washington DC

Can anyone suggest some good skin care products for african american women?


Skin Care

T.J. asks from Terre Haute

Can anyone tell me what it is that the stars have on their skin that make it have such a nice shine to it? I am in my 50's now and I can't find anything for my dry sk...


What's the Best Diaper Rash Cream?

M.V. asks from Sacramento

My 14 month old has fortunately not had diaper rash, until now. Usually a little dab of cream will clear up any slight redness. She is now very red and blotchy, despi...


Skin Discoloration

J.J. asks from Tampa

hi guys i have black skin and because of the sun i have a lot of black spot, especially in my arms. so some part of my skin is darker than others. i need an effect...


Cream for Stretch Marks

A.A. asks from Salt Lake City

Hey ladies., I am 11 weeks prego and this is my 2nd child. I already have stretch marks but I do not want them to get MUCH MUCH worse, is there any cream that you kn...


Strivectin Neck Cream

P.S. asks from San Francisco

Most of you mamas probably don't have to use anything like Strivectin neck cream yet, but I'm hoping there might be a grand-mama or two that knows. I ordered some ...


Looking for a Good Hand Cream

L.C. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies, Could you tell me which hand cream you use. I have the typical dry winter hands, as well as the crepiness starting. Any real good products out t...


Skin Care

O.S. asks from New York

My daughters' skin is really dry and I am currently using Vasoline which does not really help like I thought it would. Any suggestions on what else I can use?


Itchy Skin

D.P. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter-3 yr has constantly itchy skin...she itches also when upset so that doesnt help things. But, she scratches so much she breaks the skin and has spots on h...

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