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Uneven Skin Tones an Acne Scars

Read all 14 responses: "I am looking for anyone who can suggest a lotion or cream for my skin, Its VERY dry and the tone is very uneven I am pretty pale but ...

Baby Acne

Read all 16 responses: "I have a 3wk old son with baby acne. ... My family is blessed to have flawless (greek) skin. All 3 of my boys had it, too, though, ...

Acne Flare Ups After Having Kids

Sep 1, 2009 ... My skin has never been clear, i've always struggled with a few pimples from time to time, however, since having my kids my skin (acne) has seemed to have ...

Skin Issues

My skin is sensitive, oily and acne prone. In the am I use Cetaphil daily facial cleanser for normal to oily skin and follow with Olay moisturizer with spf ...

Baby Acne

My 7-week old daughter has had what seems to be baby acne for almost 4-weeks. ... Don't scrub too hard or you could irritate the skin more. ...

Anyone Had a Spa Treatment Facial?

I suggest Cleanser #3, Clarifying mask formula 3 and Moiturizer #2 (or oil control lotion if you have oily skin). You can also add Acne treatment gel too. ...

Baby Acne

Read all 18 responses: "I have a 5 week old and he has Baby Acne REAL BAD. ... His skin is just clearing itself up. It will go away on its own. Helpful? ...

Help My Dried Up, Acne Prone Face

I use the Mary Kay Time Wise Line for oily/combination skin. I have oily acne prone skin, with some dryness and the face wash and lotion both work great on ...

Adult Acne

With Mary Kay it is about getting your skin back to where it needs to be. We do have some products just for acne. I have never had acne so I do not know ...
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  • avoid cortizone creams in 2 answers "I was told avoid cortizone creams....they are not good for an infant and sometimes ..."
  • acne prone skin in 2 answers "I have oily acne prone skin, with some dryness and the face wash and lotion both work ..."
  • benzoyl peroxide in 3 answers "My advice is to avoid anything with benzoyl peroxide, as I believe products containing ..."
  • will clear up on its in 3 answers "I was told to wash the baby's face once a day and it will clear up on it's own."
  • had baby acne in 5 answers "when my son was newly born, i thought he had baby acne and it turned out to be eczema ..."