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Severe Dry Skin on Lips

Read all 22 responses: "Hi Ladies, My 5 year old daughter has very dry skin on her lips. We keep vitamin E and lip balm on them all the time (at least 5 to ...

Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin in Babies

Read all 15 responses: "My son is 5 months old and has very sensitive skin ( Seborrheac Dermatitis--sp?). We use dye free/fragrance free soap and detergent.

Skin Care Products That Are Safe to Use While Pregnant

Read all 30 responses: "My husband and I just found out that we are pregnant. Its still very early and we havent had our first doctor's appointment yet.

A Bump Under the Skin

Read all 15 responses: "I just found a bump under the skin of my leg when I was shaving. It's right below my knee, right in the middle of my leg.

Dry Skin in Infants

Read all 22 responses: "Help! my 3 month old daughter has had very dry skin almost from the time she was born. the only thing that seems to help is not ...

Good Cream for Dry Skin

Read all 18 responses: "Durning the winter months my 4 year old son has very dry itchy skin especially on his legs we have a humidifier in the house and I ...

Dog with VERY Sensitive Skin

Read all 9 responses: "Hi Everyone, We adopted a dog 5 months ago. Reese is a 4 year old mix of "we think" Retriever, English Pointer, and Pitbull.

Darkening of Upper Lip Skin

Read all 11 responses: "Hi Ladies. My upper lip skin is dark and looks like a darn moustache! it is not hair, but actual skin pigmentation. So annoying.

Jewelry Changing Skin Color

Read all 16 responses: "I have heard that some jewelry, depending on what it is made of, will sometimes temporarily change the color of the skin it touches ...

15 Month Old with Very Dry Skin

Read all 41 responses: "Hi Ladies, just wondering if any of you have experience with caring for a baby's very dry skin. I bathe him with dove senstive bar ...
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