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8 Months : Not Sitting up on Her Own

Now she can sit up on her own don't need anybody's help to make her sit, ... My daughter didn't even sit up on her own without support until she was 8 ...

Double Stroller or Sit and Stand???

We bought a double stroller and we put the baby in the back (usually laying down until she was old enough to sit up) and the oldest in front. ...

10 Month Old Waking up During the Night

When he would sit up, I would wait a few minutes to see if he was actually up, or just moving around. Even now at 16 months he sits up in the middle of the ...

7 Month Old Not Sitting up or Crawling. Should He Be?

Are there any exercises I can do to help him sit up on his own and to crawl? He has started foods a month ago and we do put him in his highchair and ...

Need Baby Bath Tips and Tub Reccomendations

I didn't feel very confident in the tubs and rings I saw, so I decided to let my son sit up on his Mother's Touch™ Comfort Bath Support (I got it at Babies ...

8.5 Month Old, Not Crawling Yet

My son, Matthew, didn't sit up til he was 8 months old and I told even remember him crawling!!! He didn't walk until 15 months. All is well...he is a normal ...

When to Give a Pillow?

I think its ok to give her a pillow now I think that once they are able to roll over PICK their heads up and sit up on their own they can have a pillow Hope ...

Double Stroller Recommendations

I have a Graco tandem stroller (front/back), which was nice, because the infant carrier seat fit in the back until the baby could sit up. ...

Joovy Caboose Ultralight or Baby Trend Sit N Stand

Joovy Caboose Sit & Stand Vs, Baby Trend Sit & Stand LX Tandem ... baby sit up · baby trend joovy · Thanks Jessica · Joovy Sit ...

8 Month Old Standing up in Crib

My son has been doing this since he has learned to pull up and before that he would sit up We have never CIO we actually still swaddle him9 months later and ...
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