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Easy Sippy Cups

at 1, tried to give him every sippy cup on the market, nothing... he loved his straws.. so i bouth sippy cups with straws, then about 6-8 months ago, ...

My Daughter Won't Use a Sippy Cup.

Nov 3, 2009 ... We discovered, though, that he likes straws. He bypassed the sippy cup and went straight to the no spill straw cup. ...

Transition from Bottle to Sippy Cup

Our youngest never used a sippy cup. We just used the straw cups. .... They have sippy cups with straws. You just need to use silicone based lids rather ...

The Age of Sippy Cups!

I stopped the sippy cups when they told me they didn't like them anymore. There are straw cups that have lids that I still use (kids are 9 & 6) in the house ...

Cleaning Sippy Cups

I had the same problem with my boyfriend's grandson's sippy and straw cups, so I soak them in bleach, then use a nipple brush to get in the grooves, ...

Seeking Advice Re: Sippy Cups

But if you only want to see about 2-4 ounce of milk consumed at a meal, then try a straw if the sippy cup won't work. How did you transistion from the ...

Sippy Cup

Does anyone know if you can buy replacement straws, etc. for the sippy cups that have them? For example, I have a Playtex insulated sippy cup with a ...

Need Ideas on Getting Toddler to Take Regular Sippy Cup

Have you tried giving him a cup with a lid and a straw? My lo would not take a sippy cup also.The only option we had was to try a cup with a lid and a straw ...

Sippy Cups

Straw cups for that young of an age tend to be messy--maybe just use them at home but use the sippy when you go out. My 16 mo old still takes her bottle of ...

Do Any Truly Leak-proof Sippy Cups Exist?

I also got the pack of sippy cups again do not know the names but they have straws you insert. I haven't found them to leak unless your child tips them over ...
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  • nuby soft spout in 2 answers "I like the Nuby soft spout, but not the straw ones because they leak when thrown on ..."
  • sippy cup and went straight in 2 answers "I gave up on the sippy cup and went straight to a cup with a straw."
  • nuby sippy cups in 3 answers "The Nuby sippy cups worked as a transition for my son."
  • playtex sippy cups in 2 answers "Hi J., I also find the playtex sippy cups to be the most reliable."
  • no spill straw in 2 answers "I saw some already made comments about the no spill straw cups and that's what we ..."