sinus infection that wont go away

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Head Ache for 3 Days

E., try going to the doctor and getting antibiotics for your sinus infection. Sometimes it just won't go away without antibiotics. Feel better! ...

Do I Need to See My Ob or Regular Doc If Either?

sure to tell in 4 answersI would get into your Dr right away but be sure to .... Sounds like you may have a sinus infection Id definitely go get checked you ...

Is Echinacea Safe for My Toddler?

I don't know if it will clear up a sinus infection on its own, but it is safe to try. .... So giving her echinacea now won't make it go away faster. ...

My Ears Are Plugged and Ringing After Ear Infection

If it doesn't go away within a week or so though, you should go in and get it checked .... My ear infection was a result of a sinus infection that spread, ...

Toddler Breath Is Stinky!

My kids usually end up having an ear infection or sinus infection when they get bad breath that won't go away. This was often the only clue I had with my ...

I Seem to Have a Cold or Sinus Infectoin That Keeps Coming Back!

Well to mu luck, my sinus infection seemed to go away and for several weeks, ... Did my sinus infection come back?? Did it never really go away? ...

4 Yr Old Has Gross Green Snot for a Long Time

I would think that it was a sinus infection but he has never had a fever and doesn't have any other..." ... Been Sick for Days, Cough Wont Go Away ...

My Son Snores like a Grown Man

Check to see if he has a sinus infection. If so once that is cleared, it should go away. .... adenoids removed in child · sinus infection that won t go away ...

Son Is Complaining of Teeth Hurting

I know a sinus infection sounds weird, but a symptom is your teeth hurting due to sinus .... If it doesn't go away soon I would try to get him to a doctor. ... They won't give your child shots or do dental work while he is awake. ...

Starting Maternity Leave

First it was a congestion and coughing, then it seemed to go away, ... Do some things you won't have time to do after the baby is born. ... I've been the same way in my pregnancy getting sinus infection after sinus infection. ...
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