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20 Month Old Just Finishing Ear Infection.. Will This Be Painful on the Plane?

I've flown with my daughter 4x since January this year and we only had problems once. That was because we had alot of turbulance, we were on a smaller plane ...

Baby Weight

I also joined weight watchers and since January I have lost 16 lbs. The smaller portions and little meals throughout the day are great thigns, too. ...

Trying to Transition into Life as a SAHM

Hey E. I am a fairly new SAHM, well since January, and it does take a lot of adjusting & getting used to. Sometimes it seems like my little angel, she is 3, ...

Seeking Good Prenatal Yoga Class

Urban Flow Yogo has a great class, i've been going to them since January 2008. They are in the Highlands area around Federal and Speer (actually the address ...

"Kidcare" Insurance Providers

Kidcare on the other hand has been a thorn in my side since January. A small piece of advise, keep track of your payments and a list of who you talk to ...

Best Tasting Diet Shakes/Drinks

My husband has been on Cinch since January 1st. He has struggled with weight his whole life, has never "dieted" this long, and he is doing great! ...

Doc Said 7 Month Old Needs Tubes in His Ears

He has had 5 ear infections since January this year. This is my third child and I have never been through this before and was looking for some words of ...

7 Month Old Not Eating Baby Food.

L.B. answers from Fayetteville on January 31, 2009. He's probably crankier and is having a hard time having food in his mouth since his nose is probably ...

Seeking Child Care in Naperville IL

We have hosted aupairs since January 1998 and have been very happy with the experience. You can find out the details of the program on the website. ...

I.U.D. Pros and Cons......?

I have had it in since January. I was spotty the first couple months and a little crampy, but it has been great since. It has not interfered with nursing ...
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