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Not Losing Any Weight After 3Rd Pregnancy

... cannellini beans and serve it up over thick crusty slices of baguette. ..... to have weight gain as a side effect (I put on 30 in a month with the shot! ...

How to deal with infant food intolerance?

She simply needs to get used to it! My daughter had reflux, ... Before 6 months babies are not ready for anything too thick. ... Wait until her reaction side effects go away before introducing a new solid...that way you can be reassured ...

Breastfeeding Question!

Try read up more about the rfeflux and the side effects of the prevacid, ... There are NO foods that you should avoid simply because you are breastfeeding. .... You can try putting Burt's Bees Baby Bee on it (it's a thick cream that ...

Need Help with 2 1/2 Year Old Coughing So Much He Throws Up

We did everything you are doing.... try limiting thick liquids late in the day ... They are not studied on children so the side effects are not known just ...

Home Remedy for 15-Month-old Coughing (Phlegm)

Because it's just onion and sugar, the only side effect is some funky .... sinusus or chest(Note: I have no medical training so simply speaking as a mom). ...

Bad Diaper Rash

When my son gets a bad rash, I use A&D Ointment (apply a thick layer) and ..... that is the number 1 side effect. also make sure every time she urinates or ...

Excema Treatments

Cortisone is a steroid and has horrible side effects when used ..... now u would never know. i simply go to walgreen buy walgreens petroleum jelly with shea ...


If it is too thick just add plain water to get it as thin as she needs. .... You 're doing a good job reading your daughters side effects. ...

Tummy Sleeping

We have babies with delayed development - not a big deal, but yet another side effect of forced back-sleeping - they're not developing the arm and leg ...

Homeopathic Remedy for Allergies

All the medications we gave him had side effects. It was a hard time for him and me, .... In this time her ear drained thick green mucus. I know gross. ...
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