similac sensitive vs gentlease

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Advice on Weaning off Alimentum

We are now giving him Similac Sensitive for fussiness and gas. This is my 3rd child we have had to ... Talk to your doctor about Similar AR or Gentlease. ...

Formula. Which Do You like or Dislike?

I started on Similac Sensitive with my daughter since she had a lot of spitups It was past 3 months I switched to Similac Advance Since new concerns came up ...

Feeding Problems

But then I tried Similac Sensitive, and the problem went away ..... I dont remember if the gentlease is soy or just lactose free but i would try soy. ...

Any Suggestions on the Best Formula to Use for My 6 Week Old

I have always had success with Emfamil Gentlease (Purple Label) Your best bet would be ... my first son was on Enfamil Lipil and my second son was on Similac. ... Remember, infant's are sensitive to so many things and can be gassy for so .... Nestle Good · good start vs gentlease · best formula for breastfed baby ...

Tummy Aches

I used the Enfamil gentlease with my daughter, and that helped her gas a .... Try the Similac Sensitive. Similac Sensitive is a milk based formula but is ...

I'm Using Dr. Brown's Bottles and Still VERY Gassy???

Cow protiens are hard for some babies to digest. you may want to try the Similac Sensitive, it is a very good lactose free formula with all the needed ...

Opinions on Nestle Good Start Formula

Nestle is a GREAT formula and I know that they also have some for sensitive stomaches. Enfamil and Similac are WAY expensive and I think some people think ...

Should I Go Back to Regular Formula After Feeding Hypoallergenic

So, I went with soy formula (isomil by similac or prosobee by .... I would switch to Nestle Good Start or Enfamil Gentlease (equivalent) because they are ...

Best Formula for Severe Gas and Spit-up?

So then I put him on Similac Sensitive RS and that helped his spit up problem really ... I used Enfamil gentlease with my first son and mylicon gas drops. ...

Spitting up in Preemies

There is a newer formula called Similac Sensitive it is lactose free and .... Oh I used the gentlease from enfamil which also was an inprovment. good luck! ...
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