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Generic Formula Vs. Name Brand Formulas

My little girl (9 months old) just recently started on formula. She currently is on Similac Isomil advance. I was wondering if there really is a difference ...

ENFAMIL Formula Versues SMILIAC Formula

I think Enfamil is not as strong as Similac and causes less gas issues. .... I give my baby the Good Start Nestle infant formula, since I know the brand and ...

Undecided on Formula Brand

My daughter every time she took regular formula would grunt and groan afterward. We had a sample of Similac Soy (she was on regular Enfamil) and used it and ...

What Formula Is the Best????

I took her into the clinic and it was suggested that I try Similac Soy formula. After a week of using this formula, I was still not satisfied. ...

Organic Formula

I am 90% nursing and 10% formula feeding. ... Im alittle late responding but I use Similac Organic for my son he loves it and has had no issues. ...

Formula Feeding

Most formula has to much iron in it that is fortified incorrectly. I recommend using the low iron similac formula or the organic similac. ...

Can You Mix Formula Powders?

Read all 10 responses: "i have an abundance of similac formula powder but when my daughter drinks it, she spits up alot. she's 10 months old and i thought ...

What Formula Do You Feed ??

We started using formula around 4 or 5 months, but we used Good Start and liked it. We also did use Similac a few times but it seemed like my girls spit up ...

$5 Similac Coupons Anyone Need Them? Anyone Want to Trade for Enfamil Coupons?

I've got an 8 week old who is breast/bottle fed with Enfamil formula. I don't know how the Similac people got my name, but I WISH I used their formula - I'm ...

Trouble with Changing from Breastmilk to Formula

So I tried Similac and he broke out with pimples. I wasn't sure if it was a reaction to the formula or just baby acne. He was tested for food allergies and ...
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  • tried several different formulas in 2 answers "I have an 18month old and a 4 month old. We tried several different formulas for ..."
  • sams club brand in 2 answers "My pediatrician had suggested that I use the Sam's Club brand because it is very similar ..."
  • sams club brand in 2 answers "I use the Sams Club brand of Enfamil Gentleease with him."
  • dha ara in 5 answers "I used goodstart with DHA/ARA and loved it."
  • using similac soy in 2 answers "I started using similac soy by chance with my son, and it was great for him."