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Is My Daughter Lactose Intolerant?

I give my daughter silk soy milk enriched with DHA, she really likes it. She had a lot of gas and mucus in her stool so the allergist and I felt she should ...

2 Yr Old W/ Milk Intolerance Suddenly Also Intolerant to Soy???

One more thing: Are you giving him very vanilla, or very very vanilla soy? My son loved the flavored soy milk, not the normal kind. And I'm pretty sure SILK ...

12 Month Old with Dairy allergies....rice Milk??

What about soy milk and almond milk? I used Silk soy milk. I really like the taste. Soy milk is high in protein and if you buy the regular and not the light ...

Is Soy Milk Better for Fussy Babies That Spit up a Lot??

... i started formula i wanted the next best thing, so i tried soy formula but it really backed her up, but now she drinks soy milk (silk and she loves it. ...

Milk Allergy

Silk Soy milk is the only soy milk I like (the others are chalky) and another idea is Lactaid. There is also lactose free ice cream. Not bad! Helpful? ...

Baby with Milk Protien Allergy

My daughter had a milk protein allergy so we switched her at 4 months to soy formula. She drank that until 12 months and then we switched to Silk Soy Milk. ...

Milk Intolerence?

Try soy milk. My daughter gets stomach aches from milk also so we switched to Silk. It comes in flavors (plain, vanilla and chocolate). ...

12 Month Old Won't Drink Milk

I finally tried Silk soy milk in a new flavor, Very Vanilla, and he likes that. I give it to him some days, but sometimes forget because he just likes ...

Help with Switching from Formula to Milk

If she reacts badly to milk, you could give her some Soy milk (ie: Silk, it has a smooth texture so is quite pleasant to drink). ...

Help with Transition to Whole Milk

Hi my son is 9 months old and is also on soy milk and I am going to transition him to Silk milk first. Whole milk might be too strong for our little guys ...
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