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Feedback on 'Silicone Patches' for Scars?

K.N. asks from Austin

One of my friends had neck surgery a month or so back. (I offered to post her question for her--Thanks for the help!) She has a 2-3 inch scar across her neck and...


Scar on Face

D.B. asks from Chicago

Has anyone ever tried an OTC scar medicine? My 6 year old daughter has a scar on her face, thanks to a toy and her sister. I have healed the cut as best as I can, b...


Scar Treatment

V.T. asks from Dallas

I had some moles removed and it appears that they may leave scars. Right now I have 3 very pink marks on my legs that I would like to lighten up. I've seen commerci...


Scar Tissue?

C.L. asks from Minneapolis

I had two separate surgeries on both my feet and legs in the last 18 months. I went back in last week for a follow up visit after surgery. I have several scars on t...


How to get rid of C-section scar?

S.D. asks from Los Angeles

I had a c section in december and it left the ugliest scar i cant even look at myself without getting grossed out! Does anyone know what i could do to get rid of it.


How Do I Reduce the Appearance of a Scar?

J.E. asks from New York

Hello Wonderful Moms! I have a new question for you - I had a c-section 7 months ago...the docs said the scar of the incision would fade with time, but hasn't real...


Scar from Bug Bites

S.B. asks from Fort Myers

My daughter is 8 and this summer she has gotten so many bug bites and scrapes on her legs and arms. Then the suntan makes them even more white. Has anyone used Mederm...


Seeking Advice on Breast Augmentation

M.M. asks from Philadelphia

I'm thinking of having my breasts "done." After four children there isn't much left of my chest. I don't consider myself absorbed with my looks. Just want to be fe...


Subaceous Cyst Removal

S.N. asks from Dallas

Are there any moms out there who have had a subaceous cyst removed or know someone who has? I am scheduled to have one removed from my face on Friday. I'm wondering...


Is There a Cream to Prevent Scarring?

M.D. asks from Los Angeles

My two year old daughter fell on my treadmill last week while I was on it. She got her face pretty scraped up on the belt of the treadmill. Good news is she was not ...

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  • aloe vera plant in 2 answers "I put the aloe vera plant on my chin for a good week (if my memory serves correctly ..."
  • wait until after the holidays in 3 answers "I would definately wait until after the holidays."
  • make sure you put sunscreen in 2 answers "... thing is to keep their wound from the sun, so make sure you put sunscreen ..."
  • used vitamin e oil in 3 answers "the entire side of my face was one giant scab. I used vitamin e oil 4-5 times per ..."
  • old wives tale in 2 answers "just cut into the leaf and apply direct (old wives tale) but it works."