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Pregnancy Symptoms

M.R. asks from New York

Hi, all: I am trying to conceive for 2 years, I was pregnant on November 2008, but have a M/C in February 2009. I am 8dpo and I am feeling some bloating stomach and...


Is It an Etopic Pregnancy?

L.M. asks from Wichita

I found out last week that I am 4 weeks pregnant. Last night I had some bad cramping. It was on the left side of my abdomen. Now when i woke up this morning, I hav...


Due on Friday and No Signs of Labor

S.D. asks from Topeka

I'am on my 3rd pregnancy and hoping that @ my last appt. I was further effaced and dialted to have my membranes stripped well that didn't happen so I have to go in ne...


Pregnancy Complications

S. asks from Houston

Hi, I'm 22 weeks along in my pregnancy with a precious baby boy. At my 20-week ultrasound they found that I have venous lakes (pool of blood in the plecenta) and tha...


Pregnancy After 35?

A.M. asks from Houston

Hello, I'm just curious about pregnancy after 35....I'll be 35 this year and we are considering expanding our family. I had a rough 1st pregnancy with multiple bouts ...


Pregnancy and Mirena

S.L. asks from Madison

Hi, Has anyone ever know someone who has gotten pregnant with an IUD? I know it is not impossible but what are the signs? How would I know if I were pregnant? I ask ...


Second Pregnancy

M.P. asks from Albuquerque

I just took a test earlier this week and it was positive for a pregnancy after having a chemical pregnancy (early miscarriage) last month. I have two different questi...


Nursing Through Pregnancy

A.G. asks from Minneapolis

I have decided to nurse my 14 month old through my pregnancy and I am wondering if other mothers have done the same, and what their expierence was like? I also would...


Pregnancy Question

S.P. asks from Billings

Okay moms, I am puzzled. I have nausea,my pants are fitting tight, my breast are tender. All the signs of pregnancy. Yet I took a home test and it said negative. NOT ...


Nervous About Knowing the Labor Signs....

K.R. asks from Seattle

Hey moms I feel kind of stupid for even asking this.... I am in my 38th week of pregnancy with my 2nd child YES with my 2nd child, I had my daughter over 8 yrs ago ...

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