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Signs of Labor Before the Big Day? Yes? No? Yesterday Was My Due Date. :)

H.M. asks from Atlanta

Hello! Yesterday was my due date and obviously, I have not had the baby yet. :) This is my first baby. If I don't deliver this week, my doctor will induce me on Su...


Pregnancy Questions

N.L. asks from Chicago

I am trying to find the right thing to say to my coworker who told me she was pregnant. She is freaking out because she is in her 5th week, and has no signs of pregn...


Pregnancy Tests

N.L. asks from Chicago

Has anyone had issues with a false home pregnancy test? I recently took an unexpired First Response test and it said I was not pregnant, yet I am a few days late. I...


Pregnancy After Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery

A.S. asks from Dallas

I posted a question earlier asking how long it would take for me to begin ovulating again after having surgery to remove an ectopic pregnancy but I didn't get any ans...


Floaters During Pregnancy...

L.P. asks from Pittsburgh

(Visual floaters) I know that they aren't uncommon... and I'm having them occasionally. But I am finding mixed information about whether or not they are cause for s...


Signs of Labor Coming

J.F. asks from Fayetteville

Hi Mommas, I'm 37.2 weeks along with Baby #2. With my daughter, they had induced me so I really don't know what to look for/expect. In the last couple/few days, I'...


Second Pregnancy?

M.B. asks from Cincinnati

Hey Ladies, I'm hoping some of you that have had more than one child could share their earliest pregnancy signs? It's too soon for me to take a test but OH MY .......


Signs of Milk Intolerance or Allergy?

S.J. asks from Milwaukee

I'm nursing my five week-old daughter, and I'm having a hard time remembering what it was like with my first child (he's only two years old; you'd think I'd be able t...


Pregnancy Test

M.R. asks from San Juan

i have taken the pregnancy test two times and it says negative is their a possibility that i may be pregnant ?? please help


2Nd Pregnancy

S.O. asks from Washington DC

I am pregnant w/my 2nd child. I have no symptoms except being tired. With my 1st pregnancy i was sick for 5 months. I know every pregnancy is different but it worrie...

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  • when i went into labor in 6 answers "... told me i should not dawdle getting to the hospital when i went into labor!"
  • went into labor with my first in 2 answers "When I went into labor with my first daughter, I woke in the middle of the night and ..."
  • then went into labor in 2 answers "For both of them I was scheduled for inductions and then went into labor."
  • days after my due date in 2 answers "... are having no problems before 10-14 days, late?) 8 days after my due date ..."
  • had no morning sickness in 2 answers "... even know I was pregnant until my second month. I had no morning sickness ..."