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4 Month Old Rolling over on Stomach to Sleep

SIDS is most likely to occur in infants between 0-4 months of age, ... Once they can roll over themselves they "say" that SIDS isn't a big threat. Helpful? ...

Tummy Sleeping for Babies?

I know other people have been talking about the SIDS risks so Ill just offer some other suggestions Your baby is still a good a good age for swaddling and ...

4 Month Old Waking in the Middleof the Night to Flip Over

I worry about SIDS if he does flip himself over. Anyone else experience this or something similar? I'd appreciate any thoughs or theories. Thanks so much! ...

Baby Falling Out of Crib

If you actually take the percentages of children who died of SIDS while co- sleeping ... Look at the statistics for children who die of sids in there crib, ...

7 Month Old Rolls over to Tummy While Sleeping

He now does it while sleeping which really worries me; I know that it's recommended that babies sleep on their backs to prevent SIDS. ...

When to Give 12 Month Old a Pillow?

Hi everyone My 12month old has been sleeping in her crib without a pillow since she was bornfor fear of SIDS However Ive noticed in recent weeks that she's ...

Rolling onto Tummy While Asleep

4 Sep 2009 ... No need to worry If he can roll over by himself it's fine for him to sleep on his belly The risk of sids decreases at 4 months and if he ...


Id agree to let her sleep on her front If youre not smoking in the house and you dont have stuff in the cribblankets bumpers toys her risk of SIDS is pretty ...

Experiences with Delayed Vaccination Schedule?

I admit that I Googled these types of vaccines and all this stuff came up about the DTAP shot and a possible link to SIDS. I started to read some of these ...

Baby Turning over and Sleeping on His stomach...Safe?

1 Oct 2009 ... Now SIDS is the big concern and babies are placed on their backs to sleep. ... Unless you're a smoker, you are almost at the end of the SIDS window. ...
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  • once they can roll over in 3 answers "... doctor said (and the second one's doctor confirmed) that once they can roll over ..."
  • worry about rolling him back in 2 answers "... risk of SIDS reduces greatly and I didn't need to worry about rolling him back."
  • despite the dire warnings in 2 answers "... that my children slept better on their tummies too. Despite the dire warnings ..."
  • by randall neustaedter in 2 answers "... Guide: Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults" by Randall Neustaedter."
  • auto immune diseases in 2 answers "... sick, some get really sick, some get autistism and other auto-immune diseases ..."