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Siblings Not Wanting New Addition

Siblings Not Wanting New Addition. My children are a 14 yr old boy and 11 yr old girl and they are not all that happy about the fact that I am pregnant with ...

Ideal Age Difference Between Siblings

Either way, you don't have a guarantee that your children will be close siblings in the long run. I really think you should think about it more from your ...

Questions About Preparing Toddler for Sibling

Questions About Preparing Toddler for Sibling. I am 30 weeks PG with my second child and have a 1.5 year old son. He will be 20 mo. when the baby is born, ...

Siblings in the Same Grade?

Sibling rivalry comes from PARENTS compairing their children, not from schools! I went to the same schools as did all my brothers and sisters and a few of ...

Child Being Left Out

It's not unusual for the older kids to do this or an older sibling to not .... When a child cried because he was being excluded from a group of kids the ...

Sibling Rivalry? or Something More?

I love their child training methodology, and it reformed my two year old in less than a week. Yes, you probably have some sibling rivalry going on, ...

Mom Wondering Age for Sibling to Watch Younger Sibling

Yet, the care of 3 children may be a bit much. A great age for responsible, mature babysitting of siblings would be at least 17-18. ...

Going from One Child to TWO!!!

But know that giving your child a sibling is a wonderful blessing--- the relationship they form is incredible! Tell your first child about the baby- say it ...

Only Children

Aug 31, 2009 ... I have an only child 9 year old daughter I am one of 14 siblings Before I beccame a parent I always said every child should have at least ...

Moving & New Sibling

We might have another child and the above was the doctors advice to us. ... When my son was 2 1/2 he had a new sibling then we moved across several states ...
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