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Siamese Tooth

S.E. asks from Flagstaff

I took my 21 month old son to the Pediatric Dentist yesterday. We found out that he has a Siamese tooth (2 teeth sharing one root) and it has developed a cavity. We...


Does Anybody Else Talk to Their Pets? JFF

T.S. asks from Roanoke

I have a Siamese that is a little over a year old, and I just love talking to him! As soon as he sees me (I take him places, friends' homes at times) He will just tal...


Cat Help, Please? (Long-ish Tale of Woe)

S.T. asks from Washington DC

i feel like such a nimrod even having to ask this. there's been no time in my life when i HAVEN'T had a cat or three, so i should have this down by now. i plead emp...


Difficult Baby

E.B. asks from Asheville

My baby is six months old. He had esophogitis and severe GERD when he was first born that was misdiagnosed as colic. If he was awake he was screaming then and that la...


What to Do About the Cat!!! SWH Added

P.1. asks from San Francisco

As you may recall, last year, we went through a TERRIBLE bout with fleas. It took us literally nearly a year to finally get rid of the little pests. Even the vet wa...


When to Say Goodbye to Family Pet

M.T. asks from New York

My cat is about 10 years old and I adopted him from the wild when he was just a six week old kitten. He has been my companion for many years. Now I am married with ...


How to Deal with Pets Waking Us and Little Guy up to Get Feed?

K.B. asks from Waterloo

We have a little guy, almost 2, and 2 cats and 1 dog. I love my animals but they are driving me crazy. The cats are big cats and always want feed. We feed them twi...


Getting a Cat for My 14 Month Old

M.B. asks from Green Bay

Hi there, My 14 month old daughter and I just moved into a new duplex and I am not married so it is just the two of us. I was thinking of getting her a cat or kitten...


Egg Allergens

D.G. asks from Flagstaff

Hello Mommies, I have heard that you cannot give egg whites to children under 1 year of age because they may develop allergies to it, however a hard boiled egg y...


Cats and Kids . . .

L.L. asks from Lexington

We are currently a pet free home (sadly) and my husband and I are trying to decide about our "pet future." We just lost our dog, and have been talking about getting ...

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