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Good Shoes

A.B. asks from Anchorage

Howdy, I have been a big fan of the super soft soled shoes, such as Robeez and See Kai Run, for my daughter. However, she is outgrowing these toddler shoe makers' sh...


Baby Shoes

D.B. asks from Chicago

What sort of shoes should a baby wear in the summer months between the age of 6-10 months. These would be pre-walking shoes.


Shoes on or off Poll

L.L. asks from Hartford

Just curious. Do you moms have a shoes off in the house policy? At my house shoes come off in the front hall. Adult visitors are exempt from this, but our family and ...


Sand in the Shoes!

M.M. asks from Phoenix

I am so tired of finding sand everywhere in my house. My son brings half the playground home in his shoes. Is there a brand of shoes that you have found that don't ...


Shoes for Toddler

H.1. asks from Des Moines

I'm wondering how important it is to buy my young toddler name brand or reputable shoes. My mom insists they should not be cheap-o walmart or whatever shoes because t...


Tennis Shoes

T.Q. asks from Pittsburgh

Is it okay to put tennis shoes in the washer machine? That is the debate at the house.......


Stinky Shoes

A.H. asks from Sioux Falls

Ok moms I need help or else I am going to throw away every pair of shoes my son and husband own, and make them go barefoot. j/k :) Both of my guys have stinky shoes ...


Comfortable Shoes

T.C. asks from San Diego

Ladies I need comfortable flat shoes!! My feet are on the wider side- what are your recommendations??


Leather Shoes

A.M. asks from Grand Rapids

My daughter has up until this point (20 months) worn the soft leather shoes. I was wondering if anyone knows when its ok to switch to sneakers or hard shoes. If you h...

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  • ask guests to take their shoes in 2 answers "I do not ask guests to take their shoes off, but many of them do anyway."
  • guests to remove their shoes in 2 answers "I take my shoes off and I posted a sign for guests to remove their shoes, as well."
  • stride rite shoes in 3 answers "I have always put my kids in Stride Rite shoes, the quality and selection have always ..."
  • non skid socks in 2 answers "It is more protection than non-skid socks, but doesn't stick their feet in formed ..."
  • went to stride rite in 3 answers "with a rubber sole. I went to Stride Rite because I love their shoe quality (price ..."