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Eczema and Cradle Cap on Toddler?

3 Sep 2009 ... severe eczema in 2 answersMy brother and niece both had severe eczema; body wash in 2 answersI have also switched shampoos and body wash ...

Crade Cap

You can also buy cradle cap shampoo in the baby aisle. ..... I read to try using chemical free shampoos, like Burts Bees, or shampoos with green tea extract ...

Swimmers hair---Help! Kid's Hair Is a Mess

I have tried a kids swim shampoo with no luck. ... Not all shampoos naturally do this. My daughter's current favorite is "ultrswim" shampoo. ...

Help Me Keep This LICE Away

18 Sep 2009 ... Use Herbal Essence shampoo it is an excellent repellent against lice .... The shampoos and mayo will not do it alone combining is the ...

2 Year Old Has Dandruff

Most cradle cap shampoos wouldn't work for her head. ... The doc said to just use the tiniest amount of dandruff shampoo (not the neutragina type strength, ...

Lice and My 5 Month Old! HELP!!

I am going to use the mayo and the tea tree shampoo and hopefully he doesn't ... The medicated shampoos don't work despite what the health officials say. ...

Need Advice on Severe Cradle Cap

Thank you so much for all your advice I have reduced the number of shampoos and used a drop of TGel one day So far it appears to have gone away Your advice ...

Dry Hair

I can't always skip a day of shampooing my hair, because it will be very .... Now I keep a couple of different shampoos on hand for whatever phase my hair ...

Treatment for Cradle Cap

You can buy treatment next to baby shampoos at Babies R Us or any .... S. when my baby's had cradle cap I would but shampoo in their hair (bath time) and ...

Scaly, Cradlecap-like Scalp on 3 Yr Old

Some of the kids' shampoos can really dry out the scalp, and that's what ... Making sure you use fingernails on her scalp when rinsing the shampoo out will ...
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