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Cell Phone Guidelines for 13 Yr. Old Daughter

And in response to some responses below: if your daughter is well-loved and well -adjusted, she will not start "sexting" just because she has a cell phone ...

Seeking Advice on Explicit Photos on Teens Camera

I've been watching all these Oprah's lately about sexting and seeing articles in magazines... did you know people can't get hired b/c of these photos? etc. ...

How Are You Monitoring Your Teens Text Messages?

They are 13, so I expect to see curse words (which I tell them about) but I'm more interested in sexting or anything threatening or sneaky. ...

Laptop Dilema

With all the "sexting" going on I just don't see a reason for a Web cam for a kid (but that's me). SAHM of three:19,18,and 5. ...

Seeking Advice

This subject was covered on Good Morning America last week. They say it is called "Sexting". You might go to the GMA site and see what they suggest. ...

Teen Parenting...Help!!

... are good kids. plenty of good kids have been caught up into temptation. my husband is a youth minister and i am surrounded by youth. the sexting, sex, ...

Seeking Advice on How to Talk with Daughter About Sex

hey mama, i also have an 11 year old daughter....questions began around 4th grade, and now we are are talking about things like sexting! crazy! ...

Cell Phone Texting

With all the "sexting" you hear about nowadays (kids texting naked pictures of themselves to others), and all the new ways predators are using technology to ...

Opposite Sex Sleepovers as Teens

... touching, blowjobs, sexting, sending naked pictures over the phone (illegal by the way and could get both of you in a lot of trouble) ect . ...

Facebook Questions

Kids have no idea how terrible the consequenses can be for things like "sexting" and how what you post can come back to haunt you for years to come. ...
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