severe diaper rash

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Bumpy Diaper Rash

Read all 14 responses: "My daughter has had fairly mild diaper rashes in the past but has just recently developed ... Severe Diaper Rash - 18 Month Old Boy ...

Seeking Help with an Unusual Diaper Rash

Read all 5 responses: "my son has an unusual diaper rash. The pediatrician had me take him to a dermatologist. ... Next question: SEVERE Diaper Rash! ...

Chronic Diaper Rash

Read all 16 responses: "My 7 month old has had chronic diaper rash since... I can't even remember. We have tried everything we could ... SEVERE Diaper Rash! ...

Diaper Rash! What Do You Do When Desitin Doesn't Work?

Make enough for upstairs, downstairs, and diaper bag. I tried it a couple times, but my son's rash doesn't sound as severe as your son's. ...

Bad Diaper Rash That Has Lasted More than One Week

My 17 month old daughter has had a bad diaper rash that has been there for more than one week. ..... Severe Diaper Rash That Won't Go Away. ...

Diaper Rash Question

My 11 month old just had the worst diaper rash and I tried everything. My neighbor gave me triple .... Need HELP for Severe Diaper Rash/yeast Infection ...

Cracked Bleeding Diaper Rash?

We have always had a problem with diaper rash while teething, but this is different, it is a bunch of..." ... SEVERE Diaper Rash! ...

10 Month Old with Yeast/diaper Rash

My 10 month old daughter has a really bad diaper rash and the Dr. said today that she had a little bit of yeast. .... Severe Diaper Rash ...

Need Advice on Diaper Rash- 6 1/2 Month Old Infant

The diarrhea is causing severe diaper rash with some oozing spots. The pediatrition said it's not a yeast rash, but it's just been an endless cycle for my ...

Diaper Rash and Frequent Bowel Movements

Whenever my babies would get diaper rash, I would immediately call the pediatrician's office and request that the ... Severe Diaper Rash That Won't Go Away. ...
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