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Wedding Gift When Not Attending Wedding

If I don't go to a wedding, unless it is someone who is a close relative or friend, I usually don't send a gift, just a card. ...

Suggestions of Christmas Gifts for Daycare Worker

I used to work at a daycare and I got alot of gift cards. ... Room parents will send a letter to all the parents in their room asking them to bring a dish. ...

Graduation Announcements

What meant the most to me was not the gifts, but the attendance of friends and family, sharing my honor at my big day. If you feel the need to send a gift, ...

To Open or NOT to Open Presents at Bday Party?

We had DS open his gifts at his 1yr party because it was at our house Well ... the child opening each gift and then send those pix to whoever sent the gift ...

Gifts for Birthmom??? HELP!

Since it's obvious you cant put a price on the gift she is giving you be generous Go to bath .... bath gifts · gifts basket · basket gifts · send gifts to ...

Gift for a 2 Year Old with Everything!

You can also send gift crtificate to the movies or ice cream places. Music CD's are great too Playhouse Disney has a CD and I think Nick Jr has one too ...

Gifts for Daycare Teachers???

Flyladynet has lots of other ideas for giving gifts that arent clutter too .... gifts basket · basket gifts · holiday money · send gifts to ...

Correct Etiquette for Birthday Parties

You do not need to send a gift unless you REALLY want to. My son's birthday party is tomorrow, and I still haven't heard from a third of the people invited. ...

Thank You Card Etiquette

Sep 8, 2009 ... 1 I think if the gift card was sent as agroup gift sending just one note to everyone .... Send Thank You Cards for Toddlers Bday Party Gifts ...

"Throwing a Long Distance Baby Shower"

With my sister's shower, I had people send gifts by a certain date and she ... With my friend's shower, I asked them to send gift cards and a personal card ...
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